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‘Sup Pug?

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No need to carry around a heavy terry towel. Take this lightweight, compact Hydro Cloth® Pug Dog Towel everywhere-dog parks, walks, beach and bath time. Wipe down your dog’s muzzle, legs, body, paws and tail. Soaks up an amazing amount of water and dirt!


🐾 Ultra absorbent all natural materials:

As pet owners, we can back that Hydro Cloth Dog Towels are the fastest way to soak up excess water from your pet after bath time or a swim in the pool. Unlike cotton or microfiber towels that lose absorbency when wet, Hydro Cloth Dog Towels work best when wet. Therefore it can be wrung out and used repeatedly at maximum absorbency until your pet is dry. No need for multiple towels anymore, one Hydro Cloth will work for any dog large or small!


🐾 Lightweight, durable & easy to carry:

This towel can be stored in your car for on the go trips or at home. Convenient die-cut handles for drying under bellies or to hang up & air dry.


🐾 Anti-Bacterial material makes bath time hygienic & fun! Say goodbye to stinky towels! The smooth surface design makes cleaning super easy, just watch the hairs and debris fall off with water. Our unique material keeps odors and bacteria growth to a minimum. Machine washable, air dries super fast!


🐾 Safe & Eco-Friendly Hydro Cloth Dog Towels are bio-degradable and safe to use on pets or humans. Made in the U.S.A with organic pigments.


🐾 Pug Design-11 others to choose from! Great gift for any dog lover.

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Weight .11 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 12 × .25 in



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